At 6.15 local time on 8th of January, before dawn in Tehran, the Boeing passenger plane flight PS752, three minutes after its departure from Khoumeni airport, had its transponder switched off. It started moving off its ordained course and towards a sensitive Iranian military base. Earlier that night, Iran had been shelling a US base in Iraq – was this payback?

Figure: Crash site – where is the plane? Where are the bodies?

Robert David Steele: “Both the communications system and the transponder were turned off. Whether the pilots were allowed to retain control or not, the aircraft indisputably turned back toward the airport from which it had taken off minutes earlier.  Because the transponder was turned off, the aircraft, uniquely among the many flights approaching, was identified by the Tor-M1 integrated transport, launch, and radar unit, as hostile. If the crew was taking a break and had the unit set on “auto” then the system would have fired a missile as soon as the “hostile” aircraft was in range.

Also, “There are reports from the IRGC that communications “jamming” was experienced, this could have been intentional, to eliminate access to contradictory information.” [IRGC – Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps]

There was an early admission of ‘human error’ by the IRGC which did NOT clarify the situation – the human error was that the Tor-M1 were taking a short break and so the launch activation was automated, as an ‘unregistered’ plane was flying towards it. 

Here is Veterans Today comment, quoted by Steele: 

“No assets inside Iran were needed, it was a purely Israeli operation.

The Ukrainian airline is owned by Ihor Kolomoisky, the oligarch who recruited the Dnipro battalion and other neo-Nazi mercenaries that terrorised the Donbas, he is Jewish and moved to Israel a couple of years ago.

The plane was messed with, the usual checks weren’t done while on the ground in Tehran and the Ukrainian crew signed off that they would bear responsibility for missing these checks.

Something went wrong on the plane just after takeoff, this is when the cyber attack took place and it targeted both the navigational system and the Identify Friend or Foe transponder. The IFF transponder was turned off and the aircraft changed course, putting it on a direct heading for the IRGC base nearby.

At the same time, Tehran ATC was having problems with it’s radar systems, so the plane just disappeared off their screens.

The IRGC were on high alert, expecting a US strike so when an unidentified aircraft appeared very close to their base, they had 10 seconds to decide whether to fire and fired.

There you have it, a couple of hacks was all it took. The Israelis are expert at this and have done it before – remember the Russian IL-20 shot down by Syria, the Israelis were using that plane to shield an incoming jet fighter strike.”

there were 63 Canadian passengers on the plane – flying to Ukaraine.  Memorial programs for the Canadian victims showed up in the media ON THE SAME DAY as the crash.  

Figure – These are supposed to be the dead bodies – are you convinced?

The Canadian ‘grieving relatives’ program  was up on January 8th! “The CBC video, “Flight 752: A Canadian Tragedy,” is 45 minutes long and includes extensive reporting, dramatic commentary, and footage of the crash site, as well as the “stories” of the victims, with their full names, biographical information, candid shots, and professional black-and-white photos.”  

Friends and relatives “some looking barely distressed and even smiling, speaking to reporters ON THE SAME DAY their loved ones died.”

Where was the plane?

‘Debris is strewn over a wide area, with little of it burned. Very few parts of the plane are visible in the news footage, although most of it should have been recovered. The Boeing 737-800 has between 162 and 189 seats, but not a single airplane seat is seen in the footage.’

A few pieces of luggage show up, but nowhere near the amount there should be, and papers, water bottles, photo albums, and children’s books survived. And we do have shoes, lots of single shoes – the hallmark of hoax events worldwide.

                       Figure – tail of plane, gently put down, no damage to soil.