So, Trump actually does what he said he’d do …

Happy Damascans

RT: “The largest Christmas tree in Damascus was lit up on Saturday as a part of the Christmas & New Year festivities that are already in full swing in the Syrian capital. People, many wearing Christmas costumes, took part in a parade”

Other Xmas Entertainment: Edogan and Netanyahu trade insults

Erdogan branded the Israeli PM the “voice of the oppressors” who commits crimes against Palestinians. “Netanyahu, you are cruel. You are the head of state terror,” he said. “Israel has no right to accuse anyone without accounting for its own sins, crimes against humanity, massacres and destruction.”

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu called Netanyahu “a cold-blooded killer” who is responsible for the “massacres of innocent Palestinians.” Erdogan’s spokesperson and adviser, Ibrahim Kalin, also demanded that Israel ends the “lawless occupation of Palestinian lands.”

Netanyahu replied, “there has been an improvement: Erdogan used to attack me every two hours and now it is every six hours.”

End of endless Wars – YES!!!!