The son of President John Kennedy – he had all the irresistable charisma of the great Kennedy dynasty.

But then at 9.39 pm ten miles or so offshore, on 16th July of 1999, he  plunged into the ocean, in a small plane carrying his wife and her sister in law.  The bodies were (apparently) exhumed from the ocean floor later that week. 

Or, wait, is this him now?

On July 26th he had been due to announce his entry into the political arena, maybe for a Presidential campaign.

He may have intended to stand for senate, as would have interfered with Hilary Clinton’s campaign.

The curse of the Kennedy clan had struck again. Or, had it?

There were a whole load of suspicious circumstances surrounding that crash. Visibility was good, no adverse conditions, and he had got his pilot’s license a year earlier.

He knew that the important men in his family had been murdered, and also that he should no more expect to survive than they did. So what did he do?

Trump was one of his best friends.

By now, he would be 58 years old.

Strange claims are now emanating from the ‘Q’ source in the US, let’s have a look at them.

(See earlier, my What is ‘Q’?’)

The Q files are very cryptic – what’s this all about? Is there a Plan?

Uh?Is this some Divine plan? How come JFK’s name is coming in here?

(OO => Oval Office, in the White House)

That motto ‘where we go one, there we go all’ is here, ‘WWG1WGA’  He has some deep connection with Trump, as well as alluding to JFK.

Prophecy! ‘End is near’ – an end for the Deep State, one presumes. The corrupt US media will be cleansed! Well, no harm in being optimistic. Here’s one about the Vatican: 

There is deep stuff here, about who controls our world. It sometimes seems as if ‘Q’ has gained some knowledge beyond mortal ken.

Here is a rather voluble female on about how Kennedy jnr is still around and doing ‘Q’. She witters on and maybe begins at around 22 minutes (above pic of him now taken from this, at c. 40 mins).

Who is this speaking, trying to give some new HOPE to America and free it from its deep criminal-satanic control?

I like the simple duality here presented, of good versus evil. I approve of the appeal to core American values, and the unusual conjunction of eloquence and passion, with a fairly deep grasp of world affairs. Count me in! 

‘Q’ is said to comprise a core group of generals around the President: 

  • “Furthermore, the US military is also implicated, as the DoD, Marines, etc. echo Q’s phrases and emblems. The warriors of the only superpower are visibly aligning to the #MAGA message, having been abused for decades in dishonourable conquests.

  • The sense of our unity — the brotherhood and sisterhood of all humanity — is the antithesis of the ego worship of the psychopath. As such, WWG1WGA is the sacred honor code of loving people against the wicked moral doctrine of “Do What Thou Wilt”. What it offers — possibly for the first time ever — is the prospect of defeating those interests that have knowingly animated the suffering of war, slavery and poverty. For there is no greater prize than to end the racket of war, and this is why the “in history” qualifier is not hyperbole.”

My main problem with all of this, is the horror and imbecility of Trump’s pronouncements on the world stage. There has never been a President whom so many people wished would die – has there? He declares the US embassy will be in Jerusalem, thereby breaking up the basic agreement on which the Holy Land was set up, post-war; he adds another hundred billion onto the US military budget for next year; he announces that the US military will permanently occupy the oil-rich part of Syria; he breaks up the agreement over Iran not developing nuclear weapons; and then pulls the USA out of the intermediate-range nuclear weapons treaty, which was central to limiting nuclear weapons proliferation. I could go on. He has finally convinced himself that, yes, Russia is meddling in the US elections:Well, let’s hope I’m wrong….