This is a stressful time, for all of us. You might find it helpful here, to peruse these comments from Off-Guardian, on Friday 13th:

The bizarre UK/US “action on Syria” narrative is falling apart before our eyes. Germany, Italy, Canada and the Netherlands are bailing on any immediate involvement..  The establishment’s collapsing confidence in it’s ability to sell this newest and most insane war is best exemplified by this brief clip in which Sky News experiences sudden technical trouble while interviewing a British military expert on chemical warfare who unexpectedly veers from the approved script.


 If you want to know how many $2M cruise missiles were fired, who fired what (F UK US) and what were the agreed rules of the game, then Syrian Perspective seems the goto site.  Vexarb

We used to have USUK in Syria, now we have FUKUS. It is amazing what difference a day makes.  Yonatan

The only possible explanation for the indecent haste shown by May is to ensure bombs were dropped before the chemical attack claims could be properly investigated raising the distinct possibility, actually make that near certainty, that this story will prove to be yet another in a very long line of false flag operations such as the baby incubators in Kuwait, WMDs in Iraq, and of course 9/11 in NYC.     Harry Stotle

 All the public will choose to remember is that Russia attempted to kill a couple of Russians in Salisbury and we’ve now moved on to the next “Aren’t Russia evil” story for their insatiable and unquestioning consumption….the same tactic with Litvinenko, MH17, Ukraine etc etc – all stories which never did have definitive, conclusive endings but ‘the average man on the street’ will tell you that “the Russians did it”.   Judy J

The central problem is that the fakestream media, the sole source of (dis)information for 90% of the drones, is nowadays a propaganda system of such vicious virulence, with TOTAL Groupthink, complete service to power, and with a uniform policy of denying publicity to any dissenting voices  Mulga

The problem with lying of course, is that the lies have to get bigger and bigger.   Fair Dinkum

I had my first community standards Facebook breach today, for sharing a VT post  – Garfy

This is my paraphrase of what Treason May really meant in her spineless, supine and Washington-vassal justification speech. “Sentence first – evidence of no evidence later”? With the OPCW yet to investigate: and on the singular source of USAID Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS); plus some online videos posted by (our) terrorists: it must be true? Well, I’m with the Russians: there was no chemical attack in Douma: only another British instigated false flag. The Russians are rightly going on the offensive in the information war. It looks like there were people killed in a conventional strike that were manipulated for the camera. And it seems possible that some freshly gassed “victims”, children of course, were added to the pile.

So this was the proof that justified a “right and legal” act of aggression? A White Helmets and SAMS co-produced massacre marketing production; pressured and instigated by London; featuring recently gassed (possibly elsewhere and on demand) children’s corpses; their precious lives extinguished in order to justify an illegal, post-sovereignty, and unjustifiable escalation of British Foreign Policy? Not only #NotInMyName; but no one in the country, no matter how partisan, would stand for this …if there was anything like a functioning media to join the dots and expose the litany of lies.   Big B.

You could drive a tank through the holes in the ‘ coalitions’ ‘ lies. Theresa May’s ‘open source reports’ is presumably a ‘cover- all’ description for social media and White Helmets/SAMS testimonies. Why don’t they tell us precisely how they obtained blood and urine samples? And they seem incapable of acknowledging that the evidence is coming from terrorists (yes, May, the ones who kill people) or terrorist sympathisers and just because they send you video of dead bodies it doesn’t necessarily mean that it must have been the Syrian or Russian forces who killed them. Surely everyone, whichever side they support on this, must be inclined to question the timing of this onslaught with the OPCW literally on the point of carrying out their inspection in Douma. But who will call out the US, UK and France for their aggressive abuse of power, illegalities and downright lying?

With regard to some of the video ‘evidence’, there is no doubt that these are genuine bodies but it’s obvious they are being used for propaganda. And, as has been observed previously on this website, isn’t it strange that the victims are never wearing shoes? As you say the bodies are moved around and added to for the purposes of producing the emotive still pictures and I have my doubts as to whether the amount of ‘froth’ coming out of the mouths is what you would expect to see after a chemical attack. Presumably the people taking the video would have had to wait some while after such an attack to access the bodies because of residual chemicals in the area. The froth produced in reality is, as I would understand it, air filled bubbles of fluid expelled by the lungs as part of the breathing process whilst the chemical agent takes effect; you would expect it to dissipate relatively soon after death occurs or at least not be as prominent as these images show. I am not saying these victims were not killed with chemical weapons but my suspicion is that foam was squirted into the mouths/noses of the bodies by the terrorists for the benefit of the pictures (we saw aerosol foam being used in the video recently released of children going through a chemical attack ‘drill’). There is also the issue of when and indeed where these pictures might have been taken. As the Russians reported after they inspected in Douma, there was no evidence of dead bodies (‘they would say that, wouldn’t they?’). It’s more than likely that these poor people were killed and the video shot days, weeks, even months ago, and who knows where? But why should the US, the UK and France worry about minor details like this?  Judy J

They (UK, US, France) make policy and propaganda for sound-bite social media types, and attention-deficited glib consumers of the information spectacle. The information is meant to be hypnotic in its simplicity and speed of generation. The news cycle literally spins a web of an alternate reality.  We are not meant to analyse the evidence or determine the false and delayed distance between the fact and its fictionalised representation. The fact that the evidence produced is either non-extant or worse; logically incoherent is to be ignored!!! Big B

The ABC hack kept up the required breathy, agitated, tone of barely suppressed moral outrage at the sheer brutality of Putin and ‘animal Assad’. There is more and more a palpable atmosphere of barely suppressed hysteria, and agitated histrionics about the media vermin’s performances, as if they feel as if they are under constant surveillance, and insufficient venom and outrage will be judged harshly.   Mulga

Syrian Arab News Agency SANA claim all British missiles that targeted an ammo depot east of Homs were “jammed” and shot down , leaving three civilians injured … big news if confirmed. 150 missiles were fired and a lot of decoys in them. Israel also fired some. confirmation of Israeli UAV downed by an SA-6 missile.   Vexarb

The deeply sick pathology of western imperialism is apparently alive and kicking with the overwhelming endorsement of the of the racist quartet of the US/UK/France/israel by the west’s liberal class  Francis Lee

From today’s Saker Vineyard:
Facebook is censoring SouthFront’s website and videos. All posts with links to have been removed; All SouthFront videos released in 2018 have been removed; No more links to can be posted on Facebook Vexarb

With MSM reporting on Russia and Syria we are have now quite clearly moved beyond satire, farce, theatre of the absurd, slapstick and burlesque – and have now entered a world of mass delusions, hallucinations and sheer unadulterated idiocy all posing as journalism. Western leaders have clearly lost their collective minds over their increasing inability to control and plunder the planet … intergenerationaltrauma   

…the psychopathic ‘elites’ of the West, always Evil, but once rational and coolly calculating, have gone stark, raving, mad. They have taken their propaganda scum along with them, but only a dwindling proportion of the home audience, and generally the duller, more ignorant and more viciously xenophobic. So, they are going for broke, out of the simple but incontestably vicious impulse to destroy everything that they do not control. It worked a treat in Korea, Indochina, Central America, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Libya, Panama City, Somalia, Syria etc, Mulga Mumblebrain

Dark times in the UK. Yes there have been plenty of dark times in the past. Yet those dark times were different because there is no shame in legitimate struggle. However this Skripal case has added something to today’s struggle that should never be, and that is shame. Shame is the only word that can describe the conduct of British rule at this time when there are serious issues, scandals, and poverty, plaguing the people more than ever. Shame indeed. That is what happens when you’ve been in bed too long with the USA    RG Vela

I would add that this is what happens when one’s Imperial right to others’ natural resources has lapsed and become tediously complicated and when a very powerful tribal lobby group has one’s politicians and media by the throat.    Brutally Remastered

I wouldn’t put it past the dictator Theresa to try to cancel the May elections. She knows they have been outed as the conscienceless depraved that they clearly are by the majority of people of the U.K. Today comments everywhere are aghast at this governments warmongering.  Betrayed Planet

The facade is cracking, the Skripal case falling apart, international law flouted, diplomacy abandoned and the final personal insult to Russia, Yulia very oddly disappears, into the mists of time without contacting her fiancé, Gran and several close cousins. And the U.K. US and France are going in to bomb Syria to save the Syrians as a result of another false flag event ( a lot of them around these days) supposedly by a leader on the brink of victory for his country , finally.   

Give me a f*cking break. Betrayed Planet


UK Govt instigated CW hoax say Russians, using White Helmets:

Earlier, on April 4, Putin had claimed that the Kremlin had “irrefutable proof” that rebels were planning an attack with “poisonous substances.” “We have … evidence that proves Britain was directly involved in organizing this provocation,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said. Britain had told the White Helmets, who serve as first responders in rebel-held areas, to fake the attack in the town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta. London put “powerful pressure” on the civil defense organization, he said (April 13). Konashenkov released statements by medics from Douma’s hospital who said several people carrying video cameras entered the hospital, shouting that its patients were struck with chemical weaponsh and causing panic. The medics said none of the patients were hurt by chemicals.

US/UK Axis of Evil targeted a plant developing cancer-cure remedies, in the early hours of Saturday morning:  the Barzah research site near Damascus. A report from the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) gave Barzah a comprehensive all-clear only last month. It identified the Barzah and Jamrayah sites by name, affirming both sites were completely free of banned substances. Sputnik News has ascertained that the Barzah scientific research center was ‘a pharmaceutical facility used to produce cancer drugs’ and quotes the facility head: “Since the Syria crisis broke out, the country has been short of all kinds of medicines due to the sanctions from Western countries. Foreign companies stopped exporting high-quality medicines to Syria, especially anti-cancer medicines. So we have been conducting researches on anti-cancer medicines here, and three cancer drugs have been developed,” the facility head said. Checkout the commendable new Christian Voice on these matters.

Here is a rather fine Legal Opinion as commissioned by the Labour Party, on whether the ‘humanitarian intervention’ ie bombing Syria was legally OK.

A child who featured in the White Helmet’s video shown all round the world -being hosed down with water – has spoken:

The boy portrayed as a ‘victim’ in a video of the alleged chemical attack in Douma has told a Russian TV crew that he was asked to go to hospital, where people “grabbed” him and started “pouring water” over his head. The boy in the video was 11-year-old Hassan Diab. “Somebody was shouting that we had to go to the hospital, so we went there. When I came in, some people grabbed me and started pouring water over my head,” … He is now fine and shows no symptoms of having experienced a chemical attack two weeks ago… He was eventually found by his father, who said he didn’t hear about any chemical attack that day. “I went to the hospital, walked upstairs, and found my wife and children. I asked them what had happened, and they said people outside were shouting about some smell, and told them to go to the hospital. At the hospital, they gave dates and cookies to the kids,” he said. One of the medical workers, who was reportedly on shift at the time, said he was surprised by the sudden influx. “Some people came here and washed people. They said: ‘Chemical attack. Chemical attack.’ We didn’t see any chemical attack symptoms,” he added. He did, however, say that there were many people with respiratory problems as a result of dust from recent bombings in the city.

“the White Helmets proved that you can just pour cold water on kids until they cry and that will convince America to start bombing Damascus.” – Yep!

They’ve got actors and kids on call now, offering them meals for participating in some atrocity-porn. – Yep! Do watch ‘New fake War crime industry booming in rebel-controlled areas,’  also ‘White Helmet Narrative falls to pieces – Lies surrounding Douma gassing come to light.’ 

‘No victims affected by toxic agents were admitted to our hospital on June 7th. Yes, there were persons who began to water themselves with a hose … Suddenly someone rushed in yelling ‘Chemical attack! Chemical attack!’ -employee of the Douma hospital. (4 minutes into the above video) … Amazing resemblance to the UK Skipal case! They did have people admitted with breathing difficulties due to dust and smoke, due to the fires and buildings destroyed.  

White helmets founded by James Le Mesurier, a former British army officer , a product of Britain’s elite Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst: ‘The White Helmets should be considered nothing more than a branch of the Western destabilization apparatus.’