In Tavistock Square, on July 7th 2005, the number 30 bus blew up at a quarter to ten. Right behind it, there was a black Jaguar car, registration plate RMR 1′:  Jaguare at Tavisdtock

To whom did this belong? See the video 18 mins, for the blown-up bus and Jaguar.  The registration plates with ‘1’ on cost about 22k.number plate

We recall another Jaguar which appeared in Luton car-part that morning, to meet the young Muslims from Leeds that had just driven over there?

At the Luton station around seven O’clock, we were shown an image of the alleged terrorists, showing one of them (Tanweer) without a shoe:

Taneweer missing shoe

The time is blurred out. (NB, this CCTV sequence was only released three years after the event)  

Two weeks later, Jean-charles de Menezes appears shot down in Stockwell tube station, on the train, with shoes removed:

de menerzes shoes(Thanks Mark Conlon)