Al-qaeda, RIP: late ’90s to 2014

Suddenly, Al-qaeda is finished, it won’t do any more as the universal bogeyman. And why not? Because, wanting to invade Syria, Obama encountered the problem of marines objecting to fighting with Al-Qaeda against Assad.I-will-Not-Fight-For-Al-Qaeda-In-Syria-225x300

So, could some other bad guys be brewed up? ISIL or ISIS started to appear. This name had the advantage of tying the word ‘Islam’ directly to ‘terrorism’ as in ‘Islamic State.’ Its being used as excuse to invade Syria, plus also to facilitate the division of Iraq into three countries. This fake terror threat group has an occult Egyptian references Isis = mother of Horus. (See ). America is now re-bombing Iraq, and plans to start to bomb Syria.

The leader of ISIL is Al-Baghdadi aka Simon Eliot or rather Elliot Shimon, who has a Jewish mother and father, and is a Mossad agent: thank you Edward Snowden.

See Peter Hitchins in the Mail on Britain going into yet another war: ‘Dragged into a war by clowns who can’t even run a railway.’

in Britain, Cameron had raised the terrorist threat level to the second highest category in response to an alleged plot by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) to carry out attacks in Britain, to try and convince Scottish voters they were safer inside the UK

More Fake Beheadings

Obama has declared that the Foley beheading is attack upon America. but, has anyone been beheaded? You could start by watching the daft interview with brother and sister of James Foley where the two can hardly stop smirking –   Others objected no-one could see any blood, plus, since when did terrorists start worrying about double camera angles or high-definition cameras, that zoom out to hide their lack of blood when their knife starts its sawing movement?


The villain obviously has a British accent, but that’s fine: English accented villain is classic Hollywood ! But they really need a special effects man in the team, to do blood flowing from a slit carotid artery – enough to strike terror in the heart every little old lady in the Mid West. They “fixed” the problem of the no blood coming from the neck of the “victim” by switching to the second camera a little further away and to the right of the action. They “zoomed out” but you can still see no blood coming from Steven’s neck.

NB, I’m not allowed to give a link to this beheading video, even though it is the ‘reason’ for re-bombing Iraq, because – get this – the British police have warned, that merely watching merely watching it may be an act of terrorism. Or see,


No Shadows

There was a bit of a problem with lack of shadow in the video. The shadowless person He’s an Israeli and he served in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), see Veterans today, The guy in black seen staging the murder, is Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, a former rapper from a wealthy family who left London to fight in Syria. Bary fits the profile of an informant for British security services.

So we’re looking at a phony beheading, of arch-Zionist mole Steven Sotloff . A  three-minute video purportedly shows his death. The SITE intelligence group said Tuesday afternoon that Islamic State, the militant group formerly known as ISIS, released the video. But hang on, ‘the Search for International Terrorist Entities Intelligence Group’ (SITE) which Rita Katz co-founded in 2001 -seems to be the source of beheading videos

Zionist Rita Katz is a long time MOSSAD front operation, and her group SITE seems to have manufactured the fake Bin Laden tapes. (On 7 Sept 2007 at 10:00 am, she called White House counsel Fred F. Fielding and told him she had a new Osama Bin Laden tape. She also called Joel Bagnal, deputy assistant to the president for homeland security, and sent both men an e-mail with a link to a place on S.I.T.E. where the tape could be seen”  Revolution)

Fake beheading 

Israeli Secret Intelligence Service =ISIS 

paintedonblood, stephen fake

 Fake Blood

The head has fake blood painted on it. MI5 should get quentin Tarantino or someone to show them how to mock up proper horror. The video, uploaded to YouTube, reportedly shows journalist James Foley being killed by an Isis fighter speaking with a British accent. It has the same purplish-colored fake blood as seen in all the other hoaxes – but no blood in other expected regions, like on the knife or the hands of the phony killer.

I’ve been amazed how people seem to believe this stuff. Can government – faked terror really be made as cheaply as this?

This cheap-terror theatre synchronized with the NATO summit in Wales, 4-5 September. People are getting fed up with NATO as it is forever bombing brown-skinned people, but these videos gave much media opportunity to stand firm against terror etc – and, start re-bombing Iraq.

Shock news –  Mossad Agent Rita Katz Releases Another Fake Beheading Video! 

Saturday 4th October  -every British newspaper headlines the new fake beheading video, but not one comments on its clearly fabricated nature.