Watch Ken O’Keefe ands his Down-Under pal Max in Gaza on “False Flags & America’s ‘National Interest.’ They comment on a talk given at the Washinghton Institute for Near East Studies  on the thorny problem of how to get the war with Iran going. Why hasn’t it started yet? Ken O’Keefe and Max Igan initially supposed it was meant to be humorous, some sort of take-off. 

‘I frankly think, crisis initiation is really tough,’  this talk begins – where ‘crisis initiation’ turns out to mean, how to get WW3 going, i.e war with Iran.

The speaker Patrick Clawson is director of research at the Neo-con  Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and is discussing  ‘the traditional way of America getting into war’ and NO this is not a spoof. He candidly admits the following war-initation strategies were designed and perpetrated by America:

*  1898 – Sinking of the USS Maine in Havana harbour, to be blamed on the Spanish & thereby initiate war with Spain.

*   1915 – Sinking of the Lusitania to drag America into WW1. (It was a military-cargo ship probably primed to explode and deliberately sailing into a submarine-infested area, but carrying a civilian passenger crew: and not flying flags designating it as a civilian ship.)

*   1941 – Pearl Harbour incident to drag America into WW2.

*   1964 – Gulf of Tonkin incident to get the Vietnam war started. (Even Wikipedia admits this):  ‘LBJ Presidential tapes’, declassified and released in 2001, prove that LBJ knew the Tonkin incident never happened. Also, the NSA deliberately faked intelligence data to make it appear as if two US ships had been lost in the “attack.

Its our job now to make sure these fake-provocation incidents are taught to the young in their history lessons. The Gulf of Tonkin incident (or rather non-incident because it never happened) is now taught in A-Level History classes which is good news.  

We affirm and demand that we want to live in a culture of peace, and to make this happen the deceitful tricks of the warmongers have to be spotlighted, this is HISTORY YOU NEED TO KNOW. 

 For more on this topic, you might want to read William Blum’s latest book, America’s Deadliest Export. His previous classic books ‘Rogue State’ and ‘Killing Hope’ are also worth reading.