TERROR ON THE TUBE: Behind the Veil of 7/7 ­ An Investigation by Nick Kollerstrom Progressive Press, Joshua Tree, CA, 2011 (3rd ed., expanded and updated) ISBN 978-1-61577-737-2 (353pp tpb) Available: www.ProgressivePress.com

“In what must be the most definitive account so far of what happened in, and who was responsible for, the London bombings of 7 July 2005 (7/7), long-time activist Nick Kollerstrom punches holes in the “official narrative”, presenting details that will shock anyone who has trusted the authorities’ version of events. This was no Islamist terrorist attack, interestingly timed to coincide with a G8 meeting. The so-called terrorists had been recruited as part of a “drill” unaware that they were being used as patsies.

“Kollerstrom’s book Terror on the Tube was first published in 2009, and this 2011 edition is expanded and updated with new chapters as well as an index. It contains additional information gleaned from the inquest, and yet Kollerstrom is not alone in calling for a truly independent inquiry into the 7/7 events. Nor is he alone in suggesting that 7/7 was a false-flag, state-sponsored act of terror against the populace. Incredibly, a year or so before 7/7, the BBC’s Panorama ran a docudrama with a similar “bombings” scenario. There was a comparable exercise conducted in early April 2005, a collaboration between UK, US and Canadian security services, and in June 2005 there was a “dry run” for the actual 7/7 events.
“The plot just keeps getting thicker, and Kollerstrom has done a damned fine job trying to unveil the facts of this multi-layered conspiracy.”

Nexus (Australian journal), June 2012