The new, 3rd edition of my book is now available.  Amazon is selling it at  only £11.18, plus £2.80 post and package. Hopefully a deal now going through will enable you to buy it from UK shops at £15.

That low price uses a UK print-on-demand printer, and Amazon’s ‘The Book Depository’. That’s the best way to get this book, from its Californian publisher.

At 326 pages, this is fully updated with all of the 7/7 Inquest material. It is THE book on the 2005 London bombings – there is no other.

It is a book which Londoners do need to read. There may be other books they will enjoy reading more, but this is the one they really need to read, if they want anything resembling our traditional freedoms and traditional democratic values to remain intact. Checkout its five-star reviews on Amazon.

I paid a heavy price for writing this book, getting chucked out of my comfy position as a UCL member of staff in a history of science department. I did it, as an act of service to the British people. 

This book tells you the truth, a truth you do really need to know.

The author has been interviewed and has featured on radio and TV stations about the London bombings, more than anyone else. He has been more heavily vilified and damned by the authorities for his position on this matter, than anyone else.

Published by Progressive Press in California. Its ISSBN is 1615777377.

People complained that the first edition did not really say what happened in London on that fateful morning. It expressed doubt whether the Four actually got to London on that day. Frankly, I wasn’t too sure. Well, the new edition does reveal a whole lot more detail as to what hapened on that day. The central thesis, of Islamic innocence, has not changed.

It is a privilege to be published by the excellent a publisher Progressive Press in California.  A couple of other books by Progressive Press are real cocmpanion volumes: Webster Tarpley’s updated classic Synthetic Terror, made in the USA  and the new hot-off-the-press Gladio, Nato’s dagger at the heart of Europe by Richart Cottrell – Mr Cottrell was for ten years a Euro-MP for Bristol. These are two key texts for understanding the dire, modern reality of state-sponsored, fabricated terror.