What really happened on the day of July 7th, 2005? Well, don’t ask the July 7th Truth Campaign. After five years of burrowing around amongst the evidence – and slagging off others who try to investigate the matter – they have finally admitted that, in fact, they haven’t a clue:

J7 have been researching the events of 7/7 since the day itself and we can confidently state, based on the evidence that has been released, that we have no idea a) what happened, b) how it happened, and c) who made it happen.

After over five years of continuous research, J7 has very few answers. Instead we have considerably more questions than we started out with that have hitherto not been satisfactorily answered.

Let’s repeat that: they have ‘no idea’ what happened, how it happened or who did it – and that is after five years!

I noticed that J7 were very angry when I published a book about what had really happened, but was not very clear why. Had I not expressed a load of views they would agree with? O, that was plagiarism they replied. But I had refrained from telling a story of what had happened on that day, as the evidence was not clear enough to warrant that – would they not approve of that? You’re joking!

Now, on this website, I am gaining a bit more confidence, based on evidence emerging from the Inquest, that we can tell the story. And how do J7 respond to this? Why, they give out a warning: under the heading BEWARE OF FALSE PROPHETS they advise:

If you encounter articles, blogs or books — in the mainstream media, or otherwise — which profess to offer “THE TRUTH” about what happened, or which are trying to sell you something that contains an alternative narrative in which all the blanks are helpfully filled in, J7’s advice is: Best stay clear.

Let’s rather put that the other way round: what is the point of studying pronouncements by the J7 team – if they confess to being totally clueless, this far down the line?

 Scoffing at The Ripple Effect

I believe this is why they have scoffed at Muad’Dib’s ‘Ripple Effect’ – which has surely exerted more influence than any other 7/7 video. Their ‘rebuttal and a rejection’ dismisses it as being, ‘a totally evidence-free and fanciful hypothesis.’   But even that wasn’t enough, they have to slag it off further as ‘scandalous and utterly reprehensible.’ Can you believe it? Muad’Dib is presently on trial in Dublin for his beliefs …. and I do not agree with J7.

The point is that an increasing amount of evidence is now supporting the Ripple hypothesis. What if its central assumptions turn out to be sound? J7 will then be in a rather paralysed situation, and I believe that has now happened. Let’s hear them confess – never easy to do – how wrong they were….

 J7 Steal the Credit

It would help if J7 were prepared to acknowledge the work of others. Take for example my discovery that the 7.40 train had not run that morning – lynchpin of any ‘alternative’ narrative. What have J7 got to say about this?

Under ‘notes for editors’ they explain.

  • J7’s ongoing research efforts have twice forced the government to amend the official Home Office narrative which, on one occasion, required the then Home Secretary, Dr John Reid, to stand before parliament and announce a major factual inaccuracy to the house.

In case you’re in any doubt about this, or surmise it was some absent-minded error, listen to J7 co-ordinator Bridget being interviewed by Fintan Dunne.  Again she finds no difficulty in taking credit for this discovery.

For the historical record, James Stewart and I went to Luton station on 23rd August 2005 7-8 am, having previously received data on King’s Cross train times from Marie Barnes. Then on 25th August I received an email from Chris Hudson the Communications Manager at Luton Thameslink. James and I then put out the Luton to King’s Cross train timetable – with the 7.40 cancelled – that all the world has since had to accept. On 24th August, James sent out a news announcement to 600+ media outlets announcing our findings, with further media statements posted on 31 August, then 1st and 2nd September. (James now runs the New Horizons group in Blackpool) In September Bridget Dunne posted up her site about the non-existent 7.40 train, with no acknowledgement and since then J7 have increasingly been taking the credit themselves for this key info.  

J7 cite the table prepared by James and myself, carefully expunging our names.- and alluding only to later work by Bridget Dunne in October 2005 which confirmed what we had earlier found.*

I have some advice for the dudes at J7. First, be honest. Admit who discovered the train times, do NOT try to take that credit for yourself. That’s really bad. Second, eat humble pie and admit how wrong you were about the Ripple Effect. You had no business slagging it off like that. Third, try to discern what really happened – you can do it. Get over this great fear you have of being called conspiracy theorists, that’s what we all are. We are here to theorise about conspiracy. At this late stage we do need to be putting the pieces together.

* My original work re the 7.40 train being cancelled was posted up on a site called ‘team8plus’ which is no longer online.