A date for the Irish Supreme Court to hear Muad Dib’s appeal against the extradition has now been set for the 11th November 2010. It is claimed that he is guilty of an act ‘tending and intended to pervert the course of justice contrary to comon law’ – the Euro arrest warrant avers this. As is well-known, he sent some DVDs from Ireland addressed to the ‘Foreman of the jury’ at the Kingston trial – see section here for more details.

The arrest warrant avers that his DVD may have perverted the course of justice re the trial of the three friends of the Four that was then ongoing at Kingston. But, as he here replies, ‘7/7 Ripple Effect at  no point mentions the three who were then on trial’ – so, the charge is absurd.

He has argued that, in relation to the European Arrest Warrant Act of 2003’s section 37: ‘No crime has been committed. The prosecution is a malicious prosecution, fraudulently and politically motivated.’

Muad’Dib’s long reply does accuse the British Crown! That is a bold move … some may feel he goes too far here, but it is consistent with his video ‘The Ripple Effect.’ His reply delves into complex legal arguments, concerning whether it can be a crime to post a letter!

So, the plot thickens as Mr John Anthony Hill denounces the British Crown as ‘a criminal enterprise’ . We recall that this 60-year  old man has been in jail already for 33 days in total for sending these DVDs to the 2008 Kingston Trial.

My interest in Muad’Dib’s fortunes has inevitably increased, as I have come to realise that he has been proved right (see my Ripple Effect story remains intact) – and I was wrong. The evidence released at the Inquest endorses the Ripple story, that at least three of the Four were up in London on that morning, and that they arrived too late for their ‘terror-drill.’ Hitherto, I’d always been doubtful that they made it to London on that morning.

You can watch an interview with Muad’Dib by ‘Rich Planet’ (Richard Hall) on November 10th, on the eve of his trial.

Extradition request upheld       On 11th November, The Irish supreme court upheld the European Arrest Warrant demanding that Muad’Dib be extradited to England. Half a dozen of his supporters turned up. He had no lawyer. After the trial, Muad’Dib was taken back to prison.