Two important new videos were released, on July 7th, 2010:

*   A Press TV (Iranian) video, on 5th anniversary (in three parts). Tell your Muslim friends to watch this one! Surely, this is the first significant contribution to the 7/7 debate, where members of the British Muslim community are involved.

*   ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ brings and excellent, in-depth analysis of the event, in 13 parts. This very thorough analysis not for the casual viewer. It synthesises much visual material not seen before. For example, one section is about DNA analysis in relation to the four alleged bombers. It gives a wider context to the ‘war on terror’ There is a commendable coherence of logical thought in these narratives.

This important  new, young voice from Up North earlier analysed the ‘crotch bomber’ story last Xmas, remember? Eg, Al-Qaeda as meaning ‘the database.’ I dream of a school  where the 6th form would be shown one of these  videos a week, and would then be allowed to discuss them. Ah, that would be real education! ‘Your eyes are open, but you do not see’ is the motto of his site. Let us hope that Britons can be awakened from their deadly slumber, by videos such as these.

Swiftly following (August 2010) came the remakably learned 18-part video series ‘7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction.’ Each part focussed on a different aspect of the story. I’d say that this latest survey of the field, means that the case here presented – of non-acceptance of the Government’s view –  is now solid enough for a university or evening-course lecturer to use it, with a fair degree of confidence.

We review its sequence: videos 2-8 are general historical background. Then Part 9 ‘Triple Explosions on the tube and BBC news reports; 10, location of the explosions; 11, Edgware Road, anomalies in the story; 12 Where were the explosives? NB There are a lot of reports found here of explosions from under the trains, with floors seen as blowing upwards – more than I found in my book; 13 Cause of the explosions: mystery of what explosives were used; 14, the Number 30 bus; 15, Peter Power’s ‘terror drill’; 16, Intelligence ‘failures’ by MI5; 17, alleged plot ‘Ringleaders’ eg Omar Khayam (maybe not so good); and 18, Conclusion and prospects for the Inquest in Autumn 2010.

My book ToT took very seriously evidence that more than three trains exploded (or rather, imploded) that morning, and I’m happy to say that this ‘Seeds of Deconstruction’ video takes a look at this.

alas, Britain’s Muslim Weekly expressed the view of the Muslim Council of Britain, whereby no trace of doubt exists concerning the guilt of the four alleged bombers (Saturday, July 17, 2010). :

 When Mohammed Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer, Hasib Hussain and Germaine Lindsay carried out the terrorist attack, they succeeded in bringing the pure name of Islam into disrepute and instantly dissolved the efforts of a Muslim community that had worked tirelessly to show that Islam and terrorism/ extremism were mutually exclusive terms.

This provoked a rebuke from Muslims for 9/11 Truth (in the US) Muslim Weekly Slanders 7/7 Patsies which started with a quote from the Koran:

“Ye who are conscious of God – If a fasiq [untrustworthy violent person] comes to you with alarming news, make sure you verify their word, lest you afflict people out of your ignorance, and regret your actions” Holy Qu’ran, 49:6

Why would The Muslim Weekly slander four young men who have for all intents and purposes been proven innocent by the research of Nick Kollerstrom (Terror on the Tube: Beyond the Veil of 7/7) and Muad’dib (7/7 Ripple Effect)? Why would the Weekly’s editors take the word of a fasiq – the criminals who have murdered millions of Muslims in wars of aggression using false-flag ops like 9/11 as a pretext – without verifying the matter?