Muad’Dib Radio Interview

‘perhaps the most brilliant example of documentary film-making I have ever viewed in my entire life. Once you have studied this video, which runs for less than one hour, you will have a template for understanding 9/11.’

– Jim Fetzer, on the video, ‘7/7 Ripple Effect’

The US 9/11 expert Jim Fetzer, retired philosopher-of-science professor and the founder and chairman of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, conducted an extended interview with Muad’dib, the man who made the ‘Ripple Effect’ about the London bombings, in June 2009. Its quite informative (Here and here).

How the Ripple Effect was made

The author of Ripple Effect chose the Arabic name Muad’Dib from the novel by Frank Herbert, Dune, made into a film in 1984, whose lead character was called Muad’Dib. The interview starts with Muad’Dib saying how he watched the events of 9/11 as they happened, back in 2001, with the plane impacting into the second Tower, and its total collapse less than an hour later; and he and his friend found that they were sharing the same thought – that it had to be a controlled demolition, otherwise it could not have collapsed so quickly.

Some years later, Muad’Dib got the urge to make a video about the London bombings that, as he put it to his American audience, ‘Joe Sixpack’ would be able to follow. He had watched Mind the Gap, and ‘Ludicrous Diversions’, both of which knocked holes in the official story, but he felt that neither were prepared to put the whole thing together in a way that the average person in the street could understand. He made The Ripple Effect at home, with his friends helping him to construct it.

Ripple was described by Jim Fetzer as

A Masterpiece, wonderfuly constructed, using clearly public sources, its analysis is impeccable ,.. I’ve never seen anything I consider to be as good as this, for a documentary. It’s just amazing! ..You have completely stripped away any illusion and if anyone had any lingering doubts over the close association between Blair and Bush, and their willingness to use acts of violence against their own population…This is such brilliant critique, that every citizen of the world needs to study this video… I’m just in awe of your accomplishment … A brilliant tutorial on the planning and execution of false-flag terror.’

Hey, steady on Jim!

Muad’Dib explained, as part of his story, that Reuters and a lot of the main print media were located at Canary Wharf, where the young men could tell their story; or, there was a London airport in same location. The three may have made a very hasty decision, maybe wishing to head for Docklands to escape. Jim Fetzer and MD discussed the ‘Live-8’ concerts around the world, so-called because 8 cities were taking part, dedicated to the forgiving of 3rd world debt; and how this was somewhat in opposition to the G-8 policies at Gleneagles a few days later: with 7/7 sandwiched strategically in-between.

M.D.: Everybody on the planet needs to see this video
J.F.: O, I think that’s true, I think that’s absolutely correct. This is the new form of political manipulation, using false-flag terrorism… Murder the innocent pawns in the street with impunity [here alluding to the Canary wharf shootings]

Let’s have one last, affirmative quote from Mr Fetzner:

JF: Your study is not only a documentary masterpiece, but… Since the manipulation of a population using acts of violence or threats of acts of violence, for political purposes, is the very definition of terrorism, you have proven that the British government is using terrorism against its own people… My hope is that the supreme court of Ireland will not allow itself to be manipulated by the British intelligence apparatus, for the sake of a political trial that is attempting to punish you for bringing the truth, to the people of the United Kingdom.

Jim F. is a retired philosophy of science professor, so its quite something to hear his view about what the Ripple has achieved. Read it here. It also reprints a remarkable article by an employed (at Sheffield University) business-manager philosopher Dr Rory Ridley-Duff about Ripple.

This one article, I suggest, has raised the whole tone of discussion about the July 7th event, and let us hope that it makes a more general dialogue feasible.

The Arrest of Muad’Dib
Muad’Dib is keen on sending out copies of his DVD to anyone who might possibly be interested, and has often asked me for relevant addresses. Not surprisingly, he sent a couple of copies to the Kingston ‘July 7’ Trial of 2008, addressed to The Court. Was this not helpful and useful information for them?

Early in 2009 he was arrested for doing this, immediately prior to the ‘July 7th’ re-trial beginning in February. Some friends of Muad’Dib have set up a site for his defence, where one can donate towards his fighting fund. As Jim Fetzer rightly observed, “This is a blatantly political prosecution.”

MD was served an EU international arrest warrant, and we are puzzled why this was necessary. Why did the Met use a Euro arrest warrant to try to pull somebody out of Ireland? Irish police came for him when he was still in bed. He is now fighting extradition, and will only have to meet the charges if he is extradited. He has appealed to the Irish Supreme court. He will request that the 5 judges at this court, watch the video – as the judge earlier refused to do. The warrant was issued on Jan 17th 2009, two days before the new 7/7 trial started on the 19th Jan 2009. ‘They wanted me to be in custody before it started, as THEY were desperate to convict them’. (1)

When Muad’Dib was interviewed on Kevin Barrett’s US ‘No lies’ radio station, the latter wrote: ‘During the show I will be expecting a call-in from Muad’Dib, the political prisoner in Ireland who was arrested for sending 9/11 truth DVDs to the kangaroo court staging the show trial of the 7/7 patsies . It is astounding and obscene that this man has been arrested and imprisoned simply for mailing 7/7 truth DVDs as a friend-of-the-court brief! [NB, this ‘friend-of-the-court’ is called in the UK Amicus curiae, see below]

One gathers that the Jury at the Kingston 7/7 trial jury did not ever see his video. He sent a copy of it c/o the Crown Court at Kingston – citizens have traditionally been at liberty to do this for any trial under the ‘Amicus curiae’ legal concept. The charge against him was:- “Doing an act tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice contrary to common law.”

But first, he will have to be extradited, and he is fighting against that decision. ‘If I get extradited I may need a solicitor who is willing to help me present my case and evidence to a jury without the enemy being able to stop me.’ The next hearing will be before the Irish Supreme Court, which could take months or a year. He could get a jury trial of extradited. The charge carries a possible maximum life sentence.

‘The police have stolen my computers’ – and he still does not have them back. He was released on bail on April 25th, 2009.

His act appears as within the traditional filing of an ‘Amicus curiae’ brief. This refers to someone, not a party to a case, who volunteers to offer information on a point of law or some other aspect of the case to assist the court in deciding a matter before it. The information may be a legal opinion in the form of a brief, a testimony that has not been solicited by any of the parties, or a learned treatise on a matter that bears on the case. The decision whether to admit the information lies with the discretion of the court.

A US view: An Amicus Curiae brief that brings to the attention of the Court relevant matter not already brought to its attention by the parties may be of considerable help to the Court. An amicus curiae brief that does not serve this purpose burdens the Court, and its filing is not favored. —Rule 37(1), Rules of the Supreme Court of the U.S.

Here is a first-hand account of his trial from an Irish journal: Extradition judgement of the information-mailer, in Wise Up Journal , 02.03.2009 By Gabriel O’Hara

Would the world be a safer place if people who mail public information are behind bars?

Today at the four courts in Dublin, 11am – court 11, the Judge ruled on whether or not to extradite John Anthony Hill to the UK [NB, that’s Muad’Dib]. John mailed a publicly available DVD, with no letter attached, to a court in the UK during a trail of three men. The DVD had nothing to do with those three men, it contained information from the BBC, ITV, the New York Times and other such established main stream news entities about four different men. During John’s trail in Ireland, March 19th, the judge said in his closing statement that he would watch the DVD before making a decision. Today we found out that the judge failed to uphold that promise/commitment made in court when he told the court he had not looked at that evidence. The Judge ruled against John, 60 years old, who was then put in to handcuffs and lead away by the police to a prison. The Judge said a number of people from all over the world mailed him envelopes with DVDs, he also said he did not open the envelopes.

Perverting the Course of Justice?
If the course of justice has been ‘perverted’ at all, at the Kingston re-trial of the three 7/7 ‘suspects,’ it was not done merely by arresting Muad’Dib for its duration. To start with, what right had they to a re-trial? The three lads had already been tried, the year before, in the same courtroom, over three long months (ToT, Chapter 13) – and the Jury did not find them guilty! They were not unanimous, so it was a ‘hung’ jury. But, the legal concept of ‘Double jeopardy’ surely forbade trying anyone twice for the same crime. You can’t have a retrial just because you don’t like the jury’s verdict! Recently this axiom has been modified, with a re-trial only allowed if ‘substantial’ new evidence turns up. What was that supposed to have been? The July 7 trial of 2009 was simply a repeat of last year’s trial – at the same place, but with a different jury! That retrial did find the three ‘friends’ of the 7/7 suspects to be innocent.

After three months of that second trial, the jury decided that the three on trial were ‘innocent,’ so what right did they have to lock two of those young men on trial away for seven years? What was the point of the jury sitting, and taking days to reach their verdict of innocence, if the defendants were going to be found guilty anyway? The ‘guilty’ charge, of allegedly intending to attend a terror training camp, was pulled like a rabbit out of a hat, merely to avoid the catastrophe of HMG’s complete failure to prosecute anyone credible over the 7/7 issue.


‘Muad’Dib’ as a Sci-Fi figure    This strange name came from the science fiction classic Dune by Frank Herbert, eg here:

Muad’Dib’s teachings have become the playground of scholastics, of the superstitious and corrupt. He taught a balanced way of life, a philosophy with which a human can meet problems arising from an ever-changing universe. He said humankind is still evolving, in a process which will never end. He said this evolution moves on changing principles which are known only to eternity. How can corrupted reasoning play with such an essence?

 – Words of the Mentat, Duncan Idaho  (Children of Dune, 3rd book of trilogy, p5)

Forbidden to Speak!      When Muad’Dib was given ‘bail’ on his release from jail in Dublin, for his ‘crime’ of sending a DVD to the 2008 July-7th Kingston Trial, a condition was attached – he had to keep silent! The terms of his bail were that he:

Shall not communicate with any party in England or Wales save for wholly personal reasons.

New Interview

– that is indeed interesting! Maybe they feel he has something important to say? Muad’Dib has now been interviewed on, and Richard who does the interview had to go up to Scotland to do the interview, because Scottish law is not involved in the police-ban on Muad’Dib’s speech. Can you believe it? As Richard rightly observed: ‘Sending proof of someone’s innocence should NEVER be a crime.’ Its worth listening to! On Google video Ripple can be watched in one piece. He released it on November 5th (‘for obvious reasons’), 2007. Its been translated into German, Italian and Spanish.

Mossad’s Warning

I asked Muad’Dib, about an interview with a Mossad boss described in his ‘Ripple Effect.’  This was 42 minutes into Ripple. It had Meir Dagan clearly affirming that he personally had given a ten minute warning to Benjamin Netenyahu, before the 7/7 event! Muad’Dib replied, that a German newspaper Bild am Sonntag had reported it; also the interview had been on the web:

It had since been removed. He added, ‘It was an interview with Meir Dagan, a fact which has since been changed by other newspapers who reported this story to: “according to the Bild am Sonntag, Mossad officials state that…etc”.’ He reckoned it was also on Alex Jones’ film “Terrorstorm”.

‘The Hand of God’     It was planned as the perfect crime – but just one thing went wrong. The train scheduled for the Four to travel down on that morning was cancelled. There was no 07.40! For a whole year official stories quoted this time – then finally they had to admit, it had been cancelled. I was the person who discovered this (together with my pal James Stuart). So I quite like the way Ripple describes this act of cancellation as, ‘the Hand of God.’ 

(for earlier discussion see here)

Let’s hope that the ‘July 7th Truth Campaign’ feels some twinges of guilt over the wholly negative review they put out over Ripple – but, I have to say, they are normally caustic towards anyone other than themselves who investigates the subject, as if they somehow owned the Holy grail.

Some people have scoffed at Muad’Dib for his offbeat religious/spiritual views. The unpublished manuscripts he has put online concern the relation between the three Abrahamic world religions. I’m not wishing to comment upon these, or competent to do so, but one could view these as quite serious, and maybe relevant as a background to how he came to compose this video.

1. Feel the echo here of M.D.’s special meaning for that term, THEY, as ‘The Heirarchy Enslaving You’.