VT article by gordon Duff describes the TWO missiles identified as cause of Beirut bomb blast:

“First explosion was caused by Gabriel anti ship missile of Israel. The second explosion was caused by Israeli Delilah missile from F16. Our country is in complete jeopardy with this lazy and corrupt regime.”

He reckons Israel planned this a year or two in advance.

Load of videos showing the missiles were quickly banned by Facebook, but VT sources captured them.

Also a  VT article explained why two separate Israeli missiles were needed: the first to show some fires were burning in the deport so people started looking at it – to make sure the second, major blast was seen by the world’s media! Rather like with 9/11.   (by insightful author Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio) This was, he reckons, 

 “a missile with a small nuclear charge dropped on the port of the Lebanese city that has made more than 130 dead, 5 thousand injured and 300 thousand displaced.”

Will they get away with it?

Probably – the Lebanese government has now placed members of its army under arrest, as if all the ammonium nitrate stored had done this.

VT – ‘Israel’s new nuclear tipped Rampage missile, launched from the IAF’s specially modified F 16s, was tested a week ago on Beirut.’

“We ran to the balcony and we saw two aircraft, black planes flying. I screamed to my husband it must be Israel. And then the big explosion happened.”……. she says, she watched them fly out to sea, out on the Mediterranean……” (Planes heard, seen in skies of Beirut before blast
by Alison Tahmizian Meuse, AsiaTimes, August 11, 2020)


ANFO is Ammonium nitrate plus diesel fuel. It will burn if ignited, but will not explode unless detonated. It needs a detonator, made of TNT or whatever, to send a shock wave through the ANFO to produce an EXPLOSIVE BLAST. (I looked into this back in 2006 when a UK state-fabricated terror story was being brewed up involving ammonium nitrate sacks).


Yes it was really a nuke. Take a look at this image:

Yes that Is a mushroom cloud. And, here is the bright flash ‘nuke’ signature – at 54 seconds and 1:28 seconds. Mini nukes are no longer radioactive, quote: 

 a significant breakthrough in the development of “clean” thermonuclear fusion bombs was made in 2003 by the Los Alamos Sandia Laboratories, where they managed to fuse a Deuterium capsule, using a newly developped LTD generator. By doing so, they dispensed of the need to use the A bomb trigger detonation, the one that actually produces radioactivity.

This breathrough lead to the US re-deploying its nuclear military program, and in practice becoming able to produce mini fusion (H) bombs, with only seismic signature, and with no limit in miniaturisation. Any clean H bomb exploding could be passed for a meteorite, or a fertilizer explosion provided enough smokescreen is in place.

Early Trump comment:

REPORTER: Are you confident the #Beirut explosion was an attack?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “…I’ve met with some of our great generals & they seem to feel that it was. —They would know better than I would. They seem to think … it was a bomb of some kind, yes.”

13th August: I find it very awesome, that I put up a post about nuclear attack upon a city, first time since Hiroshima – and get no comments  – OK, except for Patrick.

Here is an attempt to argue that it was not a nuke,  and here VT replies.